Trends To Watch Out For In 2023
A new year brings in all new trends, here is our take on what we predict 2023 will bring us...
1. Paired-Back Skincare Routines
Simplified Skincare Routine | Trending 2023
During the height of covid and lockdown we all had the time to really embrace skincare, 8-10 step skincare routines were what we all wanted.
In 2023 we will see a shift towards a more basic skincare routine, less products, less steps, less fuss. Keep it simple.
We will also start seeing a lot more skincare/makeup hybrids.
2. Skin Barrier
Skin Barrier | Trending 2023
Going hand-in-hand with the paired back routine, the health of your skin barrier is coming to the forefront. 2022 saw a glimpse of the skin barrier being an important factor in your skincare, but expect it to ramp up for 2023. This is a good thing, because having a healthy skin barrier actually solves quite a lot of skin concerns, so we are fully here for it.
3. Vanilla Girl Aesthetic
Vanilla Girl | Trending 2023
Like 'clean girl' aesthetics cuter and feminine sister. 2022's clean girl was everywhere with everyone inspiring to be that girl. Vanilla girl has taken some aspects from clean girl, like the soft, calm vibes and muted tones, but added some cute and/or elegant elements. 
Think less minimalistic, more cream and beige tones, warm scents, pearls, accessories, knitted sweaters if you are in cold climates or silky textures for the warm climates. 
4. Body Care
Body Care | Trending 2023
Body care is yet to have the revamp that facial skincare has. Majority is still very basic in boring  packaging. We will start seeing more actives in bodycare ranges, similar to facial skincare and more aesthetic packaging.
5. Green Tea
Green Tea | Trending 2023
Every year we see a new hot ingredient that spreads like wildfire through the industry. Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Kakadu Plum.... they have all had their time to be the star and we predict green tea (and white tea) are going to be the next big thing. Green Tea is a great source of antioxidants and it is also has anti-inflammatory benefits, making it a great ingredient to add into your skincare. 
Did you predict any of these and what do you think we will see?
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