Fabulous Skin Co - Winter Skin Tips

Hello winter!

The temperature has dropped and winter is well and truly here! With winter comes harsh dry winds and freezing cold weather which unfortunately can wreak havoc with your skin resulting in dry, cracked skin and cause skin issues like psoriasis and eczema to flare up.

Don't let your skin suffer, here are our skin saving tips for happy, healthy skin this winter.



If you aren't already moisturising (you should be!) now is the perfect time to start. Your skin needs extra moisture and protection during winter, which means you can change up your moisturiser if you are using a light lotion, to one that will provide extra nourishement (as long as it is still suitable for your skin type). Moisturiser not only helps to soften the skin, but it helps to protect your skin's moisture barrier. 

Don't just stop at your face. Your body needs moisturiser too! No one likes scaly skin. Lather it on after a shower when your skin is still damp.



Try mixing a few drops of an oil suitable for your skin type into your moisturiser for a boost or apply on top of your moisturiser as a final layer in your nightly skincare routine. Adding an oil adds an extra boost of nourishment to the skin and helps to protect the skin's barrier.



Haven't heard of slugging? Slugging is trending on social media and comes from the K-Beauty world (Korean Beauty).

Essentially slugging is applying an occlusive moisturiser, like vasoline or other petroleum based cream over the face after applying the rest of your skincare, to form a physical barrier over the surface of the skin to prevent water loss and lock in hydration.

The name slugging comes from the fact that after applying the vasoline, your face is super shiny like a slug.

If you are acne-prone however, it is best to stear clear of slugging. Whilst vasoline doesn't clog pores, it does lock everything in underneath, which can flare up the breakouts. Just stick to a moisturiser suitable for your skin in this case.

Slugging can be helpful around the eye area if you suffer from irritation or have very dry eye areas.



Whilst some people will tell you to increase exfoliating over winter, we find it best to reduce it to only once or twice a week. Over-exfoliating can disrupt your skin barrier and with the changes in weather already affecting the skin, an impaired barrier is common so we don't want to add to that.



The sun doesn't stop causing damage just because it is colder. No matter what time of year you still need to be applying sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays.



Whilst it is tempting to only turn on the hot water in the shower, you don't want to be using extremely hot water, it can be very damaging to the skin. If you cannot help yourself, try washing your face with your cleanser at the sink with lukewarm water before getting in the shower and avoiding putting your face under the water.



Hydrating serums are great all year round, but can be extrememly helpful during winter. As you are usually going into heated buildings and then out into a cold environment, the extremes from one to the other can take a toll and dehydration of the skin can increase (especially as humidity is lower in winter).

By adding that hydrating serum, like The One, into your routine under your moisturiser you are giving your skin a burst of hydration to improve the dehydration and stop your skin feeling tight and sore.


8. LIPS!!

Cracked lips are the worst, they are painful, they bleed and can then cause further problems like cold sore flare ups. Keep a hydrating lip balm handy. Try keeping one on your desk, in your bag and on your night stand for easy access. No more chapped lips!!


That's it, they are our top tips for healthy skin during winter. Let us know if you have anymore tips you would like to share.


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